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Student Government Association 2022-2023

"Student Affairs Cares"

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a crucial part of student life at Jackson State University. The SGA serves as the voice of the student body, representing their interests and concerns to the administration. SGA provides students with an opportunity to become involved in their university community and to make a positive impact on their campus.

The primary function of the SGA is to serve as a liaison between the students and the administration. It provides a platform for students to voice their opinions, suggestions, and concerns, and works to address these issues through effective communication and collaboration with the university administration. SGA also plays an important role in shaping university policy, through initiatives and projects aimed at improving student life and the overall campus community.

In addition to advocating for student rights and interests, the SGA also serves as a resource for students, providing information on university programs and services, and offering support and guidance on a wide range of topics. SGA also plays a vital role in promoting school spirit and building community on campus through various events and activities.


 Student Government Association 2022-2023


Madison Cathey

Student Government Association | President

Chloe Jernigan

Student Government Association | Vice President

SGA | Executive Branch

Chief of Staff Erin Eatmen
Executive Secretary Lauren Temple
Secretary of Treasury Michael Johnson
Secretary of Public Relations Aria Brent
Secretary of Graduate Affairs N/A
Secretary of Academic Affairs Roman Brown
Secretary of Student Affairs Mackenzie Williams
Secretary of Athletic Affairs Deontae Graham
Photographer/Videographer N/A
Web Coordinator/ Historian Kyla Thomas

SGA | Legislative Branch

Speaker of the Senate Lindsey Rufus
Senate Pro -Tempore Stephanie Hughes
Legislative Secretary Ethan Ricks
Sergeant-At-Arms N/A
Senior Class Senator Mikinya LaGrone
Senior Class Senator N/A
Junior Class Senator Airin Beals
Junior Class Senator Brandon Fisher
Sophomore Class Senator Nyah Evans
Sophomore Class Senator N/A
Freshman Class Senator N/A
Freshman Class Senator N/A
Student Body Senator Courtni Sutton
Student Body Senator Jenaia Poole
Student Body Senator Antionne Sellers
Student Body Senator Aspen Treadwell
Student Body Senator Amber Alise Anderson
Student Body Senator Jeremiah Cornelius
Student Body (At Large) Senator Kennedy Sumner
Student Body (At Large) Senator Jade Jackson

SGA | Assembly Members

Chief Justice Laila Woodfork
Associate Justice Latavius Johnson
Associate Justice Chrisonti Thornburg
Associate Justice Monyea Collins
Associate Justice Christany Liggins
Clerk of Court Jasmyn Bragg

SGA | Department of Justice

Attorney General Kennedy Harrison
Deputy Attorney General Jordyn Jackson
Public Defender Makenzie Greer
Auditor Alysha Jones
Election Commissioner Dara Tuggle
Election Commissioner Jordan Greenwood

SGA | Senior Class Council

President Kayla Hudson
Vice President Jalisa Barnes
Secretary McKinley Johnson
Treasurer Keanna Abraham

SGA | Junior Class Council

President Quandavius Gilliam
Vice President Ezra Snell
Secretary Haley Owens
Treasurer KC Sims

SGA | Sophomore Class Council

President Candace Mongo
Vice President Anealia Ryan
Secretary Kourtney Smith
Treasurer Aniya George

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